Mount Rundle Financial

Investment Advisory to Organizations and  Sophisticated Investors

Mount Rundle Financial provides a broad range of business and financial advisory services to investors throughout North and South America seeking exposure to or contemplating restructuring of their holdings in a wide array of industries, with a focus on Brazil and throughout Latin America.

Broad Range of Industry Experience

We have experience in a broad range of industry sectors: natural resources, agribusiness, sustainable development initiatives, including wind and solar power, biofuels, electric power development, manufacturing, property development, medical and retail, as well as export/import trade.

Wide Ranging Capabilities

We likewise offer a broad range of capabilities and assist our clients in a wide range of engagements, including: crossborder mergers, acquisitions and divestments; investment strategy; feasibility studies (including site studies and market analysis); economic evaluation; project implementation and coordination.

We are pleased to assist our clients either as primary project coordinator or as part of a team supporting our clients' initiatives.