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Mount Rundle Financial

FOR SALE: OPERATING CATTLE RANCH IN CENTRAL BRAZIL, approximately 40,000 hectares (100,000 acres)

Investment:                          USD 60 million

Description:             Operating cattle ranch with substantial environmental reserve in Central Brazil.      Approximately 40,000 hectares (100,000 acres), of which half is developed and half is the reserve lands.


Excellent ranch headquarters:

Nine wooden houses for employees

Three brick houses

Ranch office in block masonry

Storage warehouse

Warehouse with salt storage

Two machinery sheds with mechanical workshop

Power house

Galvanized steel grain storage silo (approx. 10,000 sacks).

First retreat with corral and two houses (one wood and one masonry)

Second retreat with corral and ten-horse stall, three wood houses and two of masonry;


200 km of internal trails

Runway with hangar


Productive Lands

Divided into pastures of 38, 40, 48, 72 and 96 ha

16,600 ha of grazing on cleared forest-savannah.

2,400 ha of dry season pasture on seasonal wetlands;

Total productive lands: 19,000 ha

Natural Reserve Areas

4,000 ha varjão (seasonal wetland);

4,000 ha of savannah;

10,000 ha of native forest;

Total reserve: 18,000 ha

Tree species in natural reserve: jatobá, yellow ipê, loro sassafraz, mirim (or meirim), garapa (or garapeira), quina, mangrove, pingueiro;

Other Features

Currently 16,000 head of cattle on the farm

40 km of margin on the Tapirapé River

6 natural lakes (all internal to property)

Known fish varieties: tucunaré, piau, pacu, caranha, pirarara and mainly pirarucu (or pirosca);

Wide variety of wildlife: capybara, tapir, deer, elk, paca, chin, peccary, jaguar

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